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The Willing Equine Academy

The Willing Equine Academy

creating positive relationships between horse and human

Does this sound like you? ↓

  • Are you ready to develop a willing partnership with your horse but don't know where to start?
  • Do you want to know how to find lasting success with positive reinforcement training?
  • Have you searched for a program that provides personalized, one-on-one support?
  • Are you new to the horse world and looking to start off on the right foot with your equine companion?
  • Do you feel alone and ostracized and just wish you had a supportive community to share with?
  • Is your horse reactive, anxious, or defensive and you know something needs to change?

Then The Willing Equine Academy is for you!

The Academy offers community, education, and support on a private online platform. Highly informative and supportive, the Academy focuses on empowering each individual with thorough educational content, personalized feedback, and support that extends far beyond training.

By joining this community, you’re taking the first step to building a willing partnership with your horse. The Willing Equine Academy is more than just a community or a collection of courses - it’s an experience that will guide and empower you along every step of your horsemanship journey.

Unlike many programs out there that are monthly subscription-based or only centered around one large course, TWE’s Academy is a unique pay-for-only-what-you-need format, centered around a community that you have lifelong free access to after signing up for your first course. After that, you only ever pay for the courses and training support you want while still having so much support from TWE professionals and community members alike.

Here's What's Included When You Purchase "The Academy Connection" Bundle: 

  • Horsemanship for Harmony: 30 Days to a Positive Equine Partnership. In this course, you’ll learn how to work with your horse in a new way that creates trust, communication, and understanding!

  • Foundations of Trust: The Art and Science of Positive Reinforcement for Equines. Begin your clicker training journey with Adele’s highly successful approach that creates a cooperative partner, not a treat monster.

  • Community and support. Feeling isolated? Maybe you feel like an outcast at your barn now that you train differently, or you have your own place and are missing the social aspect of boarding/showing. As a TWE Academy Member, you don't have to be alone in your horsemanship journey! 

  • Weekly livestreams and yearly in-person workshops, plus exclusive first-to-know access to all TWE Clinics & Events! Have questions? Want to more deeply connect with other like-minded equestrians? As an Academy member, you’ll feel the support of your community through our many live events.

  • Beyond the training conversations and resources. It doesn't just stop at the training here! TWE is an advocate for a whole-horse approach. Effective and ethical training can only happen if our horses are happy and healthy, so we spend a good amount of time discussing topics all around this!

  • Maximize your learning and minimize distractions with the TWE Academy's totally private, ad-free social networking platform that you can access from your phone or computer, with an app or through the web browser.

As an Academy Member, you’ll also have access to purchase the following exclusive benefits:

  • Continuing education & advanced training courses. Whether you’re looking to dive into building a calm, happy horse around food, shaping cooperative medical care, riding with R+, and more - we have a course for that! As an Academy member, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase TWE’s many educational courses.

  • Virtual coaching, training feedback, and more! As a TWE Academy member, you'll have access to exclusive services. Between being able to schedule live (in real-time) virtual coaching with Adele and the TWE Coaching Team, being able to sign up for video reviews monthly, and sharing videos for feedback any time in the group, you'll never be without support in your training!

  • Friendly competition & feedback in our Annual Virtual Show! Compete in a show that prioritizes the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of the horse and handler. Open to teams of any level, you’ll receive constructive feedback from our team of judges and have the opportunity to win ribbons!

  • Plus so much more!

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Sign up today and get access to our first two courses, Horsemanship for Harmony and Foundations of Trust. Scroll down to select your plan!

We also offer a more all-inclusive bundle

The Academy Connection + plan includes our first four courses, the courses that make up our "foundation courses", along with Academy community access and all of the amazing benefits listed above. 

This option is perfect for members who want to go all in and immerse themselves in all the Academy has to offer. You will first start with Horsemanship For Harmony, and then be guided through Adele's three part comprehensive approach to introducing positive reinforcement focused training to your equine partner. You will learn how to train seven foundation behaviors, set your horse up for success, problem solve, and strengthen your relationship with your horse.

Learn more about these courses here:

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Scroll down and select your plan! 

Not sure if The Willing Equine Academy is right for you? No worries!

You can sign up for just one course to get a feel for the kind of content you’ll find inside the Academy. 

Horsemanship For Harmony will give you everything you need to build a happier relationship with your horse in 30 days. And it’s only $97!

You can get the full Academy experience after at any time by purchasing the Foundations of Trust course. Scroll down to join Horsemanship for Harmony.

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